(to order to come or appear: He was summoned to appear in court; The head teacher summoned her to his room; A meeting was summoned.) convocar
summon vb llamar
she summoned everyone to her office llamó a todos a su despacho
transitive verb
1 (person) llamar; (meeting, parliament) convocar
2 SMALLLAW/SMALL citar, emplazar
summon ['sʌmən] vt
1) call: convocar (una reunión, etc.), llamar (a una persona)
2) : citar (en derecho)
to summon up : armarse de (valor, etc.)
to summon up one's strength: reunir fuerzas
apercibir v.
aplazar v.
citar v.
convocar v.
emplazar v.
encartar v.
evocar v.
llamar v.
requerir v.
transitive verb
a) (send for) \<\<servant/waiter\>\> llamar, mandar llamar (AmL); \<\<police/doctor\>\> llamar; \<\<help/reinforcements\>\> pedir*; \<\<meeting/parliament\>\> convocar*
b) (Law) \<\<witness/defendant\>\> citar, emplazar*
Phrasal Verbs:
VT [+ servant, doctor etc] llamar; [+ meeting] convocar; [+ aid] pedir; (Jur) citar, emplazar

to be summoned to sb's presence — ser llamado a la presencia de algn

they summoned me to advise them — me llamaron para que les aconsejara

to summon a town to surrender — hacer una llamada a una ciudad para que se rinda

* * *
transitive verb
a) (send for) \<\<servant/waiter\>\> llamar, mandar llamar (AmL); \<\<police/doctor\>\> llamar; \<\<help/reinforcements\>\> pedir*; \<\<meeting/parliament\>\> convocar*
b) (Law) \<\<witness/defendant\>\> citar, emplazar*
Phrasal Verbs:

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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